About us

We are Dubai lovers first and foremost, and we have learned everything there is to know about this city.

With over 25 years of combined experience in Aviation Services, Travel and Tourism, our goal is to make you love Dubai just like we do! Give us a challenge – we’re always ready to help you discover and book amazing Dubai travels, tours and activities.

Build Your Own Tour with Our Help

There is so much to do and see in Dubai, and every single one of our guests will want to set up their holiday differently.

Whether the emphasis is on family activities, adventure, sightseeing tours or shopping, Dahla Travel is able to arrange amazing Dubai tours that meet your needs.

At Dahla Travel we spend hundreds of hours on the scenic roads of Dubai scouting out the best accommodation, tours and activities so you can focus on what matters during your Dubai holidays.

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Client Services

While most operators concentrate on filling buses and meeting schedules, Dahla Travel focus is on you, the client. This attitude has allowed us to make many a dream come true in the “City of Gold”.

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All our services overlap in many cases. Some client normally have many interests and travelling normally offers a means to enjoy several of these at a time e.g. food will always be on the agenda, as some kind of social interaction or other form of personal fun, entertainment and leisure. Whatever your interest is be sure we will meet and surpass your expectations.