What To Do In Dubai

Written by Adewale Adelani

What to do in Dubai

When travelling to the Arabian Gulf, one city that should be on your must visit list is Dubai. There are no shortage of what to do in Dubai as the city continues to grow.

Dubai is the favourite shopping destination in the world second only to London. From food to shopping, Dubai is a large tourist destination leaving you wishing you had more time to spend.

What To Do In Dubai


One of the biggest draws in Dubai is the sensational food on offer. You can find food cooked by Gordon Ramsay and Gary Rhodes.

Budget tourists can find cheaper restaurants on the sidewalks of Deira offering lamb and seafood. While you may not be able to have an alcoholic beverage with your dinner, you are sure to enjoy the cuisine.

Friday Brunch

Friday, is work free day and a holy day for Muslims in United Arab Emirates. On this day, hotels often have Friday Brunch where food and beverages are served in plenty.

Due to government restrictions, alcohol is only served in the hotels but there are hundreds of hotels in Dubai.


Tourists love to shop and Dubai does not disappoint. The malls are extravagant in splendour and work to entice shoppers from waterways to indoor skiing.

The Mall of Emirates has an indoor ski park complete with ski slopes.


If you are a great haggler, then shopping for genuine gems, including gold, in the Gold Souk (Market) is necessary. You can find gold, silver and diamonds at a reasonable price yet, you must know how to bargain.

If you are not great at haggling, then you can still find jewelry at a discounted price at the Gold & Diamond Park. It is just not as cheap as the Souk (Market).

Deira Creek

The creek in Dubai is one of the most relaxing places to spend some time just taking a walk or looking at the Boats (Abra’s).

Burj Al Arab

When selecting hotels, the Burj Al Arab should be on your list of places to stay. It is the one and only 7 star hotel in the world. The hotel has a gold-leaf paint undercoat and Rolls Royce’s wait out front.
There are many more reasons to visit Dubai. It is a city that makes everyone feel welcome and special. The city is beautiful and safe.

If you are planning to visit the Arabian Gulf, bring with you some money and time to visit a gorgeous growing city.

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By: Adewale Adelani

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